Thursday - Saturday

1:00pm- 5:00pm

Arte Américas

1630 Van Ness Avenue

Fresno, California 93721

(559) 268-6130

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

About Arte Américas

Who We Are

Arte Américas is one of the largest Latinx* cultural centers in California. We are recognized as one of the best art galleries in the burgeoning Cultural Arts District of downtown Fresno.

Our cultural center is a celebration of art from Mexico, Latin America, the Southwest, and California. We focus on the ability for art to be both culturally specific and universally understood.

Our exhibits and events are both educational and family-friendly, featuring local and international artists whose talents celebrate their respective cultures and art forms. 

Latinx is a term for a person of Latin American descent, used as a gender neutral alternative for Latina/Latino. (

Our Story

In 1987, operation began inside a modest, one room storefront on Fulton Street in downtown Fresno. Over the years, we have expanded our facility to more than 10,000 square feet of performance and exhibit space, becoming Central California's largest non-profit Latinx cultural center. 


Arte Américas moved into its current building on Van Ness Avenue in 1995

and soon acquired the adjoining acre of land to further bridge our connection to the community by hosting outdoor cultural programs that are open to the public year round.


When one steps into nuestra casa de la cultura, we want artists to know one another, members to learn more about arts and culture, and our community to feel that this is, indeed, their home.

Our Values

We aspire to create and foster relationships with people and organizations in Fresno and in the greater State of California.

As innovators and experts of Latinx arts and culture, it is our mission to preserve and to celebrate the lived experiences of Latinx communities for future generations. 

Our experts are available for private and business consultations, training, and presentations about Latinx history, arts, and culture for you or your work environment. 

Through active education and conversations with all members of our community, experts at Arte Américas make it their mission to delight and provoke, to focus and encourage an examination of issues affecting people's lives in Fresno County and the greater State of California.

With the support of public and private donations and grants from generous people like you, we are able to develop further event training and education for our communities. 

We aspire to collaborate with individual artists and organizations to celebrate Latinx arts and culture. 


We create a connect to our greater communities through our common lived experiences. 

Between the memory of our parents world and our own world straddling identities between older and younger, immigrant and citizen, English and Spanish, all of our stories are necessary and valuable. 

We are the American story. We have always been here.